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Witches of East End

Yesterday, BabyScandal and I held a Witches of East End marathon viewing session in preparation for last night’s big Season Two opener. If the show is new to you or if you just need a little refresher, let me help you. The Lifetime TV series is loosely based on Melissa de la Cruz’s book with the same title. Some liberties have been taken: For the bulk of Season One, sisters Ingrid and Freya don’t know they have magical powers. The rest of the season was spent trying to wrap their heads around learning how to be witches without getting killed. Each sister has her own special power: Older, librarian sister Ingrid can write spells, while younger, bartender sister Freya whips up the best potions. Their Mom, Joanna is the most powerful witch of all. Crazy Aunt Wendy — who might be my favorite character because of her awesome one-liners – shape-shifts into a black cat.

Joanna is cursed with having to watch her daughters die, over and over, throughout eternity. The girls have been alive for hundreds of years, but they’ve never made it past the age of thirty. Freya has a pair of sexy brothers, Dash and Killian, vying for her attention. Poor Ingrid must be cursed by some horrible spell that only lets her pick the worst boyfriends. (That girl has a long history of bad decisions when it comes to picking the bad boy.) By the end of season one, we learned that Freya picked the wrong sexy brother to be her fiancé and inadvertently opened a portal to the witchy world homeland, Asgard. This let loose all sorts of mischief to run amuck in the sleepy town of East End.

Season two kicks off one week after the Freya/Dash wedding debacle that left the bad guy crispy-dead, Dash and Killian with powers they never knew they had, immortal Joanna near death, and some crazy fog running through the woods. In fact, the opening sequence has Victor (Freya and Ingrid’s dad) trying to cure Joanna’s ails with a procedure that mimics BDSM, complete with bondage and a little blood play. Black Cat Wendy is chasing a shadow through the forest, Ingrid is sleepwalking through that same forest, and Freya is looking for love and creating memory potions. When the portal to Asgard opened on Freya’s wedding night, someone (or some ones) came through. The problem is, we don’t know who this person is and if they are here to do good or evil. The picture that’s been painted of Asgard leads us to believe whomever this portal jumper is, evil is the name of their game.

Killian is missing but that doesn’t keep him from haunting Dash. While doctor Dash is trying to figure out a medical reason for his new found powers, the guilt he feels over practically killing his brother manifests itself into a good old fashioned conscience haunting. Dash’s aura is as dark as his tendencies. I think it is very safe to say at this point that Dash is not the golden boy. In this episode we learn that Killian did survive being left for dead on a boat set adrift in the ocean. According to the tarot cards, he has a new guardian Owl looking out for him. Problem is, it’s unclear if Owl girl is good or evil. I’m thinking evil. She’s sexy and keeping Killian’s bed warm, but definitely evil.

As Joanna draws closer to death, she decides to embrace the end with the hope that her death will break the curse and finally her girls will be able to live a full, long life. Just when Joanna is divvying up the family jewels, a knock at the door announces the arrival of Frederick, Freya’s long lost twin brother who stayed behind in Asgard when the others were banished.  Like so many characters on this show, we are left confused as to whether or not Frederick plays for the good or bad team. Sure, he saves Joanna from certain death — but he’s from Asgard which means he can not be trusted.

We end with Ingrid sleepwalking through the forest again. This time she bumps into a creepy, blue, guy-ish sort of creature. This scene takes on a decidedly erotic flair when — and I quote BabyScandal — “Ingrid really makes bad guy decisions! Look at her face. She’s totally having stand up sex with that Avatar-looking guy. What the frickity frack is she thinking?” The season premiere answers as many questions as it asks, and the pacing of the show is excellent. Previews for the rest of the upcoming season promise more harrowing life or death scenes, epic battles, and wicked-hot sex.

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