THEN CAME YOU by Jill Shalvis

THEN CAME YOU by Jill Shalvis

Then Came You is the fifth book in Jill Shalvis’ Animal Magnetism series and the second book of hers that I’ve read. So why did I skip ahead to book five? I’ve been seeing other readers raving about how this was their favorite installment in the series so far. Even though I’m not one to read series out of order, I figured I could jump into Then Came You with no problems. And I was right! It read great as a stand alone. I know I was missing back stories on the other couples but I was not lost.

The Animal Magnetism series features men and women who are animal lovers. In Then Came You, we get to see Emily and Wyatt, two vets fall in love. They shared one night of passion a few months ago at a Reno vet conference and are thrown back into each other’s lives when Emily travels from Los Angeles to the small town of Sunshine, Idaho. Why would a city girl like Emily take an internship in Sunshine? Well she really didn’t have much of a choice after the internship in LA was already taken by another student.

Wyatt is the smoking hot vet that loves wearing t-shirts with funny sayings like,  “Vets Do It With a Lot of Heavy Petting.” And trust me there is some heavy petting between Emily and Wyatt. Wowzers. Wyatt has a way with the animals and women of Sunshine. He can use his coasting words and alpha voice to get any female (furry or not) to melt in his hands. Seriously every single woman in Sunshine belongs to his Casserole Brigade, showering him with food in hopes of getting a little something back in return. But Wyatt has been burned in the love department and guards his heart. Emily also is gun shy about relationships after having a few bad ones herself. But they find themselves not being able to say no to each other.

While Emily and Wyatt are a great couple and it was a pleasure seeing them fall for each other, I’ve got to give a shout out to their crazy family matters. What a great cast of secondary characters. Emily didn’t come from LA alone, her big sister Sara came with her. She’s a hoot and a half. Sara is fresh from a breakup of her own and wanted to get away from her life and start a new one.

Wyatt has two sisters and Darcy, the youngest, is a real wild child and gives Wyatt (well, everyone) hell. And not too far behind her is the other sister, Zoe. There were some great scenes between the three. I have a feeling we’ve not seen the last of Darcy and Zoe. I can practically smell their Happily Ever Afters coming.

Jill Shalvis does an amazing job making you fall for her characters in Sunshine, Idaho. Then Came You is a sweet, sassy, heartfelt and sexy small town romance that makes me want to move to Sunshine and seek employment at Belle Haven so I can be besties with the feisty women and swoon over the sexy men working there.

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