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I don’t know any author who doesn’t await the arrival of their latest cover with a mixture of anticipation and a case of good ol’ fashioned jitters.

Will my characters look the way I picture them? Will the artist catch the tone, the feel of romance, the nuances that make each book different and special?

Thankfully, when “Reinventing Romeo,” “Romancing Riley,” “Guilty Little Secrets” and “Dirty Little Lies” were first published, I was thrilled with the finished products. The covers convey a sense of the mystery that fills the pages as well as the fun, too, in the light-hearted cartoonish drawings.

When I heard that all four books were being re-issued, the questions started bouncing through my brain again.

Check out the new “Romeo” and the sense of sexy playfullness between the hero and heroine who spend the book posing as husband and wife. Get a gander at “Guilty Little Secrets,” the story of a male stripper and a Vegas showgirl, who aren’t what they appear to be. That cover practically screams Sin City, as opposed to the cover for “Dirty Little Lies,”a book about a Midwestern beauty queen and an uptight FBI agent. “Romacing Riley,” too, is just right for a story about the daughter of a rock superstar and the federal agent who wants to put her daddy in prison.

Can lightning strike twice? In this case, it struck four times–again!

connie laneconnie laneconnie laneconnie lane

About the Author:
Connie Lane has worked as a journalist, editor, and creative writing teacher. She has been nominated for the prestigious RITA Award by the Romance Writers of America. In addition to writing romance, she writes the Pepper Martin mysteries as Casey Daniels, and, as Kylie Logan, she writes three different mystery series: the Button Box mysteries, the League of Literary Ladies mysteries, and the Chili Cook-Off mysteries. She lives in a suburb of Cleveland with her family.

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