#TinaOnTuesday – Free Snippet from Wild Hearts on sale in the New Year

#TinaOnTuesday – Free Snippet from Wild Hearts on sale in the New Year
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Thanks for stopping by! Every Tuesday we’ll have weekly snippets introducing you to the Justiss Alliance, the J-Men – hot, hunky heroes – an elite team of men out to do right.

Last week Risk gave you the lowdown on what landed him with the J-men – this week you see more of the team and their banter, learning more about the clusterfuck they encountered — can you say alpha? LOL, I hope you love these guys as much as I do – enjoy!

The Justiss Alliance is an elite team of heroes out to do right. In Wild on You, one untamable SEAL meets a woman who handles the wildest sort of animals—until she herself becomes the hunted. Read more here

Risk had a real bad feeling. It was the same sick, churning feeling he got when his father sat him and his brothers down and told them their mother had been killed in a car accident.

The admiral gave them all a long, sober look. “Our denials are starting to sound hollow. We’ve gone over all the potential strategies. There aren’t many. Waiting is not an option. Jose has threatened to retaliate if we don’t do something to make amends. Not only does he want a so-called gift of weapons or money, but he wants us to admit culpability. He’s hinted at harming American tourists in Mexico. We have to give them something.”

“Like what?” Rath growled. “ ’Cause you ain’t sending my ass over there to be tried in some Mexican court. Sir,” he added.

If Risk could have found a speck of humor, he would have laughed at their expressions.

The admiral, used to dealing with SEALs, hardly blinked. “We’ve been in talks with Jose, trying to find some equitable solution. Now that the American press has gotten involved, our own people are calling for justice. Especially since Jose released these.” He set two more recent newspapers on the table. One showed the girl Risk had seen in the hallway, sprawled on the tile floor, her stuffed bear lying next to her.

Risk jabbed his fingers at the picture. “She was alive just before we pulled out. Those wounds don’t even look real.” His eyes went to the second picture: Miguel and his wife dead in their bed. “That’s how they looked when we got there.” He tapped the pillow in the picture. “These bloodstains were already there. Whoever was outside the window probably killed them first, then waited for us.”

“Give us the Wolf’s name,” Rath said. “He’s the only one who knew we were coming. It looks almost like he set this whole thing up.”

“The Wolf has been a solid, trusted officer for years,” the woman at the table said. “He hasn’t been compromised.”

Rath gave her a cold smile. “Let me find out.”

The admiral flattened his hands on the table.
“We’re conducting our own search for him. Until then, we’re the villains here, to the U.S. and Mexico. And they all want justice. We have to hold a hearing—closed, of course. We have to give the public what they’re looking for.”

“Our blood,” Julian said, his voice menacingly low.

“In a manner of speaking. We can’t admit that we sent you in on an official mission. Our story is that your team was doing a training exercise with Mexican security forces, which we’ve been doing in conjunction with their authorities for months now. Gutterson took it upon himself to target Romero’s compound because he believed they were a front for an actual drug cartel.” Stevens cleared his throat. “And you went with him.”

“Which means El Martillo will be out for our blood,” Risk said.

“We told Jose that you were following Gutterson’s orders. They seemed to buy that he was an extremist who used his authority to command your participation. We were hoping his death would be enough, but they want more retribution. I believe the hearing, and any punishment that ensues, will suffice.”

“And we’re supposed to go quietly along?” Risk asked.

“That was the agreement, gentlemen. You knew the terms.”

Risk leaned back and crossed his arms over his chest. “Yeah, but I don’t think we got all the facts.”

Tina Wainscott

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