#TinaOnTuesday – Justiss Alliance Rules and here’s why . . .

#TinaOnTuesday – Justiss Alliance Rules and here’s why . . .
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Tina Wainscott kicks off the Justiss Alliance series featuring a team of tough, fearless heroes who are prepared for just about anything, except the last threat they could ever expect: true love.

Dianne says, “Take one hot and self-confident ex Navy SEAL, add one beautiful, free-spirited and strong-willed woman on a mission to save abused animals at any cost, turn the writing over to Tina Wainscott and you can be guaranteed to be in for some sizzling moments, great dialogue, danger and a wild ride! Wild on You straps you in and glues your eyes to each page as your imagination runs wild!”

Charlie gives 5 stars, “this book is right up my alley, sexy covert man with daring women. there is plenty of action and little quips to keep it interesting. I will be looking forward to the rest of the series.”

And Kuhn says, “Alpha males get me every time! You get a good glimpse into the other boys on the team, and what I’m guessing will be upcoming books!”

Tina Wainscott

And here’s 5 more reasons while the J-Men win hearts:

  • Hot alpha dudes that are respectful and know how to treat the ladies.
  • Fun loving guys that like action and romance.
  • Men that are clever and can help a gal get out of a jam.
  • Guys that know how to make you laugh when maybe that’s not what you had in mind.
  • And the best reason of all — the J-Men are full of darn good romantic stories — all for just $2.99, how can you beat that?
  • Wild Hearts - On Sale Now just 99c
    Wild on You – available 2/4/14
    Wild Ways - available 5/13/14

    Tina WainscottTina WainscottTina Wainscott

    Praise for the Justiss Alliance series

    Tina Wainscott delivers high-octane suspense and red-hot romance! Full of edge-of-your-seat action and red-hot passion, Wild on You is a souped-up roller coaster of a page-turner.”—Julie Ann Walker, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the Black Knights Inc. series

    “Bad boys breaking rules and hearts and dishing up justice—Tina Wainscott nails it!”New York Times bestselling author Cindy Gerard

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