#TinaOnTuesday with Wild on You snippets, enjoy!

#TinaOnTuesday with Wild on You snippets, enjoy!
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Tina WainscottThanks for stopping by! Happy New Years Eve – what a great way to ring in the New Year with a snippet(s) from Tina and Risk, our first hero’s story, Wild on You – Yes, snippets (plural) is correct because we’re including last weeks too -just in case you missed it amongst all of the holiday activity – Enjoy! And may the New Year bring you a Risk of your very own *sigh*

The Justiss Alliance is an elite team of heroes out to do right. In Wild on You, one untamable SEAL meets a woman who handles the wildest sort of animals—until she herself becomes the hunted. Read more here

Last week’s snippet:

Risk released his grip as he settled into the seat across from his new boss. “You haven’t told me what my first assignment is yet.” Which was odd, now that he thought about it. He was used to being given only bits and pieces of an upcoming mission, but that was the military, after all.

“I didn’t want to scare you off,” Chase said.

Risk rubbed his hands together. Oh, buddy, this was going to be good. “Fill me in.”

What had sold Risk on joining The Justiss Alliance’s was its real purpose: obtaining justice for those who couldn’t get it through normal channels. The government and law enforcement agencies had their limitations, after all.

Chase stretched out his long legs across the interior of the limo. “Some of our jobs come from government agencies that need off-the-record help. But as I said, some come from private citizens. I’ve known General Wunder a long time.”

Which couldn’t be that long, considering the guy was in his late twenties, like Risk, early thirties at the most. “Does this involve military matters, then?” He wasn’t sure how he felt about sticking his nose in anything military. To be fair, his team had taken on the covert mission knowing full well that if they failed, the government would deny any knowledge of their infiltration; elected officials certainly would not admit to sending a SEAL team to assassinate the leader of an organization aiming to shut down the violent cartels in Mexico. Nevertheless, anything military still left a bitter taste in Risk’s mouth.

“Not at all. The general’s retired. This is a private security detail assignment.”

“So I’m guarding some retired military brass. Is he going overseas, consulting in Afghanistan or something?” His blood heated at the prospect of danger. Lurking assassins. Clearing vehicles of explosives, maybe even detonating one. His mouth actually watered. Damn, he’d been out of the action for way too long.

“You’re guarding his daughter here in Virginia. He thinks her safety is being threatened.”

Risk stared at Chase for several seconds. “I’m a babysitter?” he pushed out at last, trying not to sound too indignant. “You do recall my years of experience with weapons, interrogation? Running into buildings on moonlit nights, knowing there could be fighters waiting with guns? Tracking down tangos in the frigid desert? You don’t need to ease me in, if that’s why you’re giving me this gig.”

Chase slid him a sly smile. “It’s not going to be that easy.”

Risk held back the hmph that wanted to escape. How hard could guarding a woman be?

NEW this week:
“Let me show you what I’m dealing with.” The general pulled his keyboard close and began pecking at it. “What you’ll be dealing with.” He turned his monitor to show them his daughter’s Facebook page. The ID read Addie Wunder, Animal Hugger. The big picture on top was a horse racing across an open field. In the corner was a picture of Addie, with the same blond hair and incredible blue eyes as in the childhood pictures behind the general . . . except she was all grown up now.

Way grown up. Risk would guess her to be in her mid-twenties. In the most recent picture on her timeline, she was in front of a zoo, holding a sign protesting cruelty against a tiger cub, tight white pants and leopard-print tank top wrapped around a nice little figure. Her latest post called out to anyone in the Ruckersville area to protest the zoo’s next stop. Farther down, a YouTube video proclaimed to expose a canned hunt in Georgia, with Addie’s face frozen in passionate ire. Another picture showed her in a dark pink bikini, bathing dogs at a fund-raiser for a no-kill shelter. If Risk wrapped his hands around her waist, the tips of his fingers would probably touch. She had an amazing set of boobs, a bit more than a handful, firm and—

“I’m a poker player, son,” the general said, pinning him with his gray eyes. “You’re obviously not.”

Risk cleared his throat. “Sorry, sir.”

“Normally I’d worry about how you’re looking at my daughter, a guy like you.”

“Like me?” Risk bristled.

“Good-looking, muscular, with that dangerous gleam in his eyes. Let me dispel any notions you may have. She’s gay.”

Risk looked at that delicate heart-shaped face with the spark of rebellion. Please say it ain’t so. “That’s a shame, sir.”

General Wunder sat back in his chair, arms crossed over his chest. “Tell me about it. I’ve offered a hundred thousand dollars to the guy who can persuade her to go straight. Had a millionaire businessman try, a marine, even an Army captain.
No deal.”

Well, you didn’t try a SEAL, sir. “Did she know?”

“Only that I was setting her up on blind dates, inviting them to dinner or charity events. Adeline was polite, but no deal.”

“Is the offer still on the table?” Risk couldn’t resist a challenge, especially when the prize was a saucy dish. The hundred thou would be nice, too.

“Not to someone like you. Stop bristling, boy, or you’re going to grow spines. I’m not talking about what happened with your SEAL team in Mexico.
Something smelled rank about that whole deal.”

“That whole deal,” the defuckle, as it was now referred to, had trashed Risk’s military career.
“You know about it?”

“I don’t know anything. I suspect that your team took the fall for a black op. I never did trust that Hammer organization. Despite their alleged intentions, they’ve been implicated in bloodshed themselves. The pictures they leaked to the media, showing how the ‘rogue SEALs’ had recklessly killed women and children at the compound, were obviously staged. Chase assured me that there was a lot more to it than your team screwing up. It’s rank that you all took the fall. It’s really rank that one of your own died.”

Risk nodded in appreciation of the sentiment. “So what did you mean by someone like me?”

“You’re an adrenaline junkie. I know that gleam, because I’ve seen it in my daughter’s eyes since she was two—right before she climbed up the railing to the second floor. You’d feed off each other, probably get yourselves killed flying off some mountain on a kite or something.”

Which sounded fun. Risk shifted his attention back to Addie’s picture. “Bet she’s vegan, too.”

“Lacto-ovo vegetarian, which means she eats dairy and eggs.” Wunder smirked. “She taught me the difference. But sometimes I see her eyeing the steak I’m having as she’s eating that tofu crap.”

He grunted, shaking his head. Then his steely eyes focused on Risk. “You’re to accompany Adeline to her home to unload the animals she brought here. Then she’s to go to my brother’s home in the Hamptons to lay low for a while.”

Risk wanted to groan. An indeterminate amount of time lounging around some mansion with a hot lesbian. Could life be any more unfair?

Visit us again next week – where more of the story is revealed –
New Year
Happy Romance,
Tina Wainscott

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