TRUE BLOOD, Episode Eight

TRUE BLOOD, Episode Eight
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We’re three episodes from the end of True Blood forever, and this week the show actually manages to wrap up two plots (Tara’s and Violet’s), while continuing to reopen Hoyt’s, and completely ignoring that Sam even exists.

The episode opens with Sarah Newlin begging Eric to kill her so that she can be the new messiah (and Eric having been the king of bad choices regarding Sarah’s sister), Eric drinks from her, gets cured, and leaves her alive.

Back in Bon Temps, Sookie and Bill follow-up last episode’s sad sex with a sad post-coital chat about a plot from seasons three and four you might not even remember. This involved Sophie-Ann wanting Bill to bring Sookie to her, and Sookie wants to know why. Bill reveals that Sophia-Anne wanted to breed Sookie, continuing to foreshadow the possibility that Sookie is going to wind up pregnant with Bill’s sad vampire baby. Before Sookie and Bill go back to kissing, Bill monologues about how vampires are only darkness and while Sookie reminded him of being human he couldn’t escape his past no matter how much he wanted to.  If you are a Sookie/Bill shipper this is tragically satisfying.

Meanwhile, Lafayette and Lettie Mae continue digging up the lawn of Tara’s old house. Lettie Mae’s husband shows up as does James, whose narrative purpose seems to have been downgraded from Lafayette’s new boyfriend to V-supplier. Lettie Mae convinces her husband to take V with her and Lafayette and then they all have a flashback vision of Tara’s father abusing Lettie Mae. In this vision little Tara, at the last minute, chooses not to shoot him, instead burying the house’s pistol in the front yard.

In another stroll down memory lane, Hoyt and girlfriend Bridget are looking through old photos at Hoyt’s mother’s and fighting about having children when Jason gets a series of text messages from Violet showing just who she’s got tied up in her house.  Jason runs off to rescue Adilyn, Wade, and Jessica with Bridget who uses the situation was an excuse to storm out on Hoyt. When they get to the house, Jason gives her a gun and tells her to stay put.

Jason, of course, fails to save the day when Violet captures him and adds him to her collection of captives chained up to in various ways and still wearing their underwear – which tells us less about Violet and more about their HBO contracts. Violet delivers a long and disturbing monologue about how she’s going to torture each of them.

Thankfully, however, Violet explodes into vampire goo, and it quickly becomes apparent that Hoyt followed Jason and Bridget, took the gun Jason left with Bridget and came in to eliminate Violet. Hoyt and Jessica stare at each other. Jessica is still completely in love.

The great digging up of Tara’s old lawn goes on. And on. And on. Lettie Mae, her husband, and Lafayette find the pistol Tara had buried there as a child.  Tara apologies to Lettie Mae for not using it, and she and Lettie Mae forgive each other. Tara says Lettie Mae has to let her go now and then wanders off and turns into mist.  It’s a great resolution of the story, and something of a happy ending for Tara, but we’re all still left shouting at the TV over the giant misdirect of vampire salvation Tara’s plot has been all season.

Speaking of vampire salvation, Eric and Pam continue to try to manage their new relationship with the Yakanomo Corporation. Apparently they have successfully created a Hep V cure from Sarah’s blood already, but it works too well, and they are trying to create a maintenance drug from longer term profits.  Eric and Pam smile and nod a lot – of course they’ll go along with this, but really they are just trying to survive.

Eric visits Sookie to let her know he’s okay. Sookie freaks out with joy that there’s a cure and informs Eric that Bill is sick. Eric is conflicted, but says he’ll be back tomorrow night when Sookie demands he do something. (Once again, the answer to all of this show’s problems could be a Bill/Sookie/Eric threesome, and yet we are always deprived). After Eric leaves, Sookie runs back to her house in the flowing nightgown of running, just as Jason and Jessica pull up in front of Bill’s.

In the car, they try to define their relationship, in what may be the most adult beautiful, sweet conversation in the history of True Blood. It is everything every B-plot of every romance novel ever should be. There’s no name for what they are.  They don’t want to be together. But they love each other and will always provide the other exactly what they need. Yes, even like that.  Oh our hearts!

By the time it’s morning, Sookie has given up her patience, and drives up to Fangtasia.  After almost getting killed by the Yakanomo guys, Eric has to pretend she’s a fangbanger that’s been stalking him to reduce suspicion. He pretends to glamour her to get her to go away, while Sookie reads the thoughts of those around them and takes in Eric’s coded message so she can help save Bill.

Of course, what she actually does is break into Fangtasia’s basement, discover that the cure is Sarah Newlin and freaks out.  She tells Sarah she won’t set her free so she can ruin more lives, and storms off, not even trying to take any of her blood back to Bill.

Hoyt, meanwhile, may not remember Jessica, but he sure does like her, and after asking Jason if he’s dating her, goes to visit her at Bill’s place. They have a sweet but awkward conversation and Jessica is giddy by the time he leaves.  It’s lovely, but eventually Hoyt’s going to find out the truth and that’s likely going to be a hot mess.

Despite Jessica falling in love with Hoyt again, Bill is still upstairs in the house dying. This time he’s not having flashbacks, but dreams about Sookie holding a baby, except when we get a look at the baby it’s just a pit of darkness.  Once again, we wonder if Sookie is pregnant.

When Sookie shows up to give Jessica the good news about a cure being available, they take him to Fangtasia’s basement to drink from Sarah so he can be cured.

But Bill declines.

Presumably next week’s episode will open with everyone yelling at him for being the saddest of sad vampires.

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