TRUE BLOOD, Episode Four

TRUE BLOOD, Episode Four
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An episode long on administrativia opens with Jason and Sookie making calls to notify the relatives of the recently dead.  Sookie manages to hold it together while talking to Alcide’s father, but Jason chokes up talking to Hoyt. Because every episode apparently has to contain some random content about whether Jason has it in him to be an alpha, Sookie gives him a speech about “manning up” because no one has time to fall apart.

Meanwhile, Pam and Eric (and really, why is True Blood about anyone other than Pam and Eric?) are on a private jet headed to Shreveport.  Eric wants to see Willa one more time before he dies, but the actual point of the scene is to give us another amazing flashback sequence that turns into the Fangtasia origin story.

As punishment for the debacle in France, Pam and Eric are given a small business to run for the financial benefit of the Authority.  It’s a video store with the largest porn collection in Northern Louisiana in its basement.  They are not amused.  Eric says he would rather be staked.

Eventually, Ginger, a film student, comes into the store looking for vampire films and Pam is impressed that she has good taste.  Soon, she’s working for them and swooning over Eric, and, a decade later, once vampires are out of the coffin, she suggests that since they no longer have to use the video store cover, that they turn the space into a nightclub.

Despite the fact that most of Ginger’s idea involves Eric sitting on a ratty thrift store chair she has designated as a throne, Pam is into the idea enough that she glamours up Ginger so she can present the idea to Eric as her own.  If nothing else, it helps them sidestep the coming impact of Netflix.

Eric, who is busy languishing in his illness and feeding off stewardesses on the private jet, is completely amused by this reveal.

Meanwhile, back in Bon Temps, Sookie goes to visit Holly to find out where the other hostages are being kept.  We get a big scary flashback sequence to everything going on in the basement of Fangtasia at the hands of the Hep-V vampires.  Sookie declares everyone should head to Bill’s to figure out a plan.

Jessica, meanwhile, won’t eat and therefore isn’t healing from being shot with a silver bullet.  She and James are fighting about it, and James brings Bill over to get him to compel Jessica to eat.  But in the end it turns out only Sookie can make that happen by giving Jessica a long speech about how she doesn’t care about her or her problems.

Jessica finally acquiesces in response to the tough love speech, and they call Lafayette to get him to feed Jessica.

Meanwhile, Bill explains to Sookie that her plan to raid Fangtasia may not work because most vampires have no reason to help her, and that he’s only helping her because he owes her everything.  Let’s pause to remember that Alcide just died that morning, but hey, True Blood is running out of runway and they need to make this rekindled romance happen fast.  Sookie then offers to feed Bill but a note that “It’s just lunch,” which, by the way, is the actual name of an actual real world dating service.

Not just lunch is the mess that ensues when Lafayette arrives for Jessica.  They have a tearful conversation about which of them is the worse person and how scary death is.  Lafayette gives Jessica his wrist while he and James exchange longing looks.  It’s less unrequited sexual tension and more just sad, which feels like a letdown, but I suppose even True Blood couldn’t justify a gratuitous threesome in the middle of the big rescue plot.

Eric and Pam land in Louisiana and show up at Bill’s for the Fangtasia raid meeting.  Pam is annoyed by the whole stupid plan, and Eric and Bill bicker before Sookie and Eric grab a moment to speak in private.

Eric is angry that she was dating Alcide and tries to give her a speech about autonomy.  It all almost makes sense, but ultimately we don’t really care that it doesn’t quite as Sookie clings to him and tells him he can’t die, once again proving that Sookie has the most chemistry with people who aren’t Bill and that possibly all of Bon Temps may need to die for them to get back together again.

Finally, it’s time for the big Fangtasia raid, which involves breaking in through an Underground Railroad tunnel that we learned about in the Eric and Pam flashback.  This requires Sam to change into a rat (thus providing much appreciated gratuitous nudity when he changes back) and someone to break down a wall that’s been sealed with concrete.  Eric is too sick to do it effectively, so Bill takes the lead.

Meanwhile, Eric and Sookie get in the front door of Fangtasia, because Eric is diseased he and has Sookie with him as potential food.  Just as the raid is more or less about to work, the Vince and his vigilantes show up and throw everything into chaos by tossing Molotov cocktails.

Everyone runs from the ensuing fire in a panic except Pam who is so sick of everyone’s crap she is capable of figuring out how to work a fire extinguisher.  If only she was sick of everyone’s crap enough to solve Sookie’s dating problems.

As a Matrix-style melee ensues outside, Arlene is about to die from the Hep-V vampires having taken too much of her blood.  She’s hallucinating Terry telling her to come to him while Sookie desperately tries to find an uninfected vampire to give her enough blood to heal her.  Eventually, someone is found and we see the vision of Terry recede as he tells her he loves her and that she should stay here for a little while.

It’s arguably the first victory moment the show has had all season, and, in spite of everything, it feels really, really good.


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