TRUE BLOOD, Episode Two

TRUE BLOOD, Episode Two
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One of True Blood’s crackiest conceits has always been the vampire-blood related sex dream.This week we discover that while Sookie is trying to get Bon Temps to let her help them in her big showdown with the angry community in church, Jason Stackhouse is taking a nap and dreaming of his thwarted love with Eric Northman.  From 1980s romance novel clichés featuring four-poster beds, red velvet, and a lot of black satin to Jason’s general inability to do anything right, this scene veers back and forth between high comedy and absolutely scorching sexiness.

While Jason is being less than useful, Sookie and the rest of the town make a plan, using the dead girl in the woods to figure out where the Hep V vampires attacked before Bon Temps as a way to try to get a handle on their strategy.

In a long sequence vividly reminiscent of one of the most emotional scenes from Danny Boyle’s zombie thriller 28 Days Later, Sookie and team drive to Saint Alice only to discover that no one is left alive.  Pleas for help from FEMA are spray-painted on roads. Quotes about the end times decorate the side of buildings.  And in the home of the dead girl, Sookie reads a found diary aloud.  It tells first about the dead girl’s romance with a vampire, but then goes on to talk about the advance of the infected, the rising number of dead, and whether to commit suicide.

In the midst of this, we get a long flashback of Sookie’s early affair with Bill, making it clear that that relationship will be back as narrative central in what’s left of the season. It’s a good thing Alcide can’t read Sookie’s mind, but he does eventually tell her to stop reading the diary.  When she does, the team goes back to exploring the town, finding a mass grave.  Everyone who lived in Saint Alice is dead or disappeared.

Meanwhile, things are a hot mess back in Bon Temps.  Sam encouraged the town to clean up the bar, before heading out on the Saint Alice expedition, but when Vince and his vigilantes walk in, everyone starts to turn on each other and Sam’s rule as mayor.  This isn’t helped by Vince describing Sam turning into a dog, and another resident saying she once saw him turn into a bear.  The townspeople decide to stop cleaning up the bar and go to the police station to get guns and take matters into their own hands, because really, when your mayor is a dog-bear, what is there really left to do?

Adilyn and a friend run to the police station to warn Kenya who has been left on duty alone.  She doesn’t believe them at first, but quickly is swayed to their side.  Unfortunately, when Vince’s mob arrives, she is quickly swayed again, and Adilyn winds up captured by the mob.

This wakes up Jessica who is sleeping in the Bellefleur attic.  Because it’s daylight, there is nothing she can do when Adilyn doesn’t answer her cell phone.  She tries calling Sookie, but with the end of the world nigh, remembering that Sookie pitched her phone into the woods in the last episode clearly isn’t anyone’s priority.

Back at Fangtasia everyone is scared – human and vampire alike.  Arlene eventually realizes one of the vampires used to teach her kids in school, and starts working on her emotionally to help them escape.  The woman agrees, makes a plan, and then tells Arlene she just needs to feed first so she can be strong enough to get them out.  She drinks from Arlene’s femoral artery for no narrative reason beyond an oral sex joke, but that chuckle quickly turns to horror as she succumbs to her Hep V infection and melts into a pool of goo between Arlene’s legs.  So much for that plan.

Also in the department of bad plans, Lettie Mae really wants some more V so she can commune with Tara.  She visits Lafayette to ask him for some, but he shuts her down, and is only mildly civil about it because he’s relieved Lettie Mae hasn’t asked him to try to summon Tara’s spirit.  The fact that his medium skills are avoided here continues to suggest that Tara isn’t really permanently dead.

Lettie Mae’s V quest isn’t over though, and she eventually burns her hand intentionally on the stove in order to get Willa to give her blood to help her heal.  Willa gives in, and Lettie Mae hallucinates seeing Tara on a cross and covered with a serpent.  She’s saying something, but it’s unintelligible.

After his own very bad, no good day on the Saint Alice excursion Andy Bellefleur returns home.  Jessica alerts him to her presence and explains that Adilyn needs help, and forces Andy to confront Jessica’s increasingly obsessive need to protect her.

When Alice and Sookie also return home, Alcide wants to take a nap, but Sookie suggests he takes a shower first. But she doesn’t want her man clean.  Rather, she uses the noise of the water to cover leaving the house and runs to Bill.  He is shocked to see her and without any preamble she asks if he would still know if something terrible happened to her after all this time.  Sounds like Sookie has a plan. Hopefully it will be less terrible than every single other plan anyone has ever had on this show ever, but I’m not counting on it.

At the end of the episode, Pam finally finds Eric.  He’s hanging out in what seems to be the basement of a whorehouse and is infected with Hep V.

The screen goes black and the audience starts to question whether anyone at all will make it out of this season alive.



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