TRUE BLOOD, Series Finale

TRUE BLOOD, Series Finale
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True Blood met its final death with the odd mix of zany plot twists, lingering grief, exploding vampires, dropped narratives, and awkward allegories about discrimination that defined all seven seasons of the series.

Much of the episode was dedicated to Bill and Sookie arguing about Bill’s impending death.  He desperately wants Sookie to kill him with her faerie powers. Not only will this release Bill from the burdens of being a vampire, but will mean that Sookie is no longer fae. After seeking counsel on the issue from a range of somewhat unlikely individuals, including Jason and Reverend Daniels, Sookie agrees to sever the ties between herself and the world of vampires by killing Bill.

Eric and Pam, meanwhile, serve as something resembling the comic relief as they kill off Team Yakanomo and take Sarah Newlin and the Hep V cure in her blood for their own. Highlights of this include a showdown between Sarah and Pam at a carousel with Sarah proclaiming that she spent so many years trying to be the woman behind a powerful man, that maybe it’s time for her to be a woman behind a powerful woman. A lesbian spin-off of Pam and Sarah’s Sexy Vampire Frenemy Adventures sounds pretty great until Pam makes it clear there’s no way on this earth of any other that’s ever going to happen.

In the sweetest story of the final season, Jessica and Hoyt show up at Bill’s. Jessica makes one more plea for Bill to live, but also makes it clear that she will be okay without him. Bill, because he is ridiculous (and this mess of a show has to end with a wedding somehow) asks if Hoyt thinks he will ever want to make an honest woman out of Jessica.

Jessica is furious at Bill. She and Hoyt have only been dating for a day, and Jessica dreamed often of getting married when she was human – none of it was anything like this. Bill justifies his actions by explaining he never got to walk his human daughter down the aisle.  Suddenly, a wedding is happening in Bill’s house, which, by the way, will pass to Andy (who is a descendent) when he dies.  Bill asks Andy to rent the house to Jessica and Hoyt for a dollar, and the wedding ceremony itself features a monologue about the illegality of vampire marriage and a note that love is love (because we apparently needed one more really awkward gay allegory before the coffin closes on True Blood forever).

During the wedding, Sookie realizes she can hear Bill’s thoughts. Hep V is turning him human!  This observation highlights one of the most significant missed-chances of this last season. If Hep V turns infected vampires human, does that mean the savagery of the marauding Hep V vampires early in the season is a function neither of the disease nor of vampire nature, but of human nature?  If Hep V turns infected vampires human, does that mean young vampires who are still within their natural human life spans might not have to die from it?  And, if Hep V turns vampires human, does that mean Hep V infected vampires can have children?

Ultimately, the show addresses none of this – it doesn’t even ask the questions, so we’ll largely never know. (Spoiler: My conviction that Sookie was going to have Sad Vampire Bill’s Sad Vampire Baby turned out to be all wrong).

Finally, Sookie and Bill meet at the cemetery for his final death.  After he climbs into his empty grave and coffin, Sookie calls on her faerie powers, but ultimately decides not to use them. Fae is what she is, and she is not giving that up. She does, however, choose to honor her promise to Bill, and climbs down into his coffin, straddles him, and puts – with his help – a stake through his heart.  It’s sad and horrifying if you’re a Sookie/Bill shipper.  It’s darkly humorous if you’re not when Bill explodes all over her (Thank you, True Blood, for giving me that opportunity to write that double entendre).

With Bill dead, the show jumps ahead three years for its denouement. Eric and Pam are now running the New Blood company and making tons of money and infomercials. It’s hilarious, and everything the end of True Blood should be, until we find out that they are also still keeping Sarah Newlin alive in the basement of Fangtasia and charging $100,000 for a minute of drinking her blood. That’s horrifying enough, but she’s also still hallucinating her dead husband.

Up in the land of the living however, there’s a big Thanksgiving dinner.  All the characters we’ve known and loved who haven’t died are there. Lafayette and James are apparently still together. Hoyt and Jessica seem to be doing well, Jason has a ton of children with Bridget, and Sookie is pregnant and clearly has a man in her life, although we never see his face.

While it’s satisfying to know that True Blood’s heroine gets a happy ending, it feels like a cheat that we never get even the slightest sense of how it happened and to what degree any of the ordeals of the series ultimately contributed to Sookie’s happiness.


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