TRUE TORI, Episode Five

TRUE TORI, Episode Five

There is a new wrinkle in the saga of Dean’s infidelity: He has been invited back to Canada – the scene of the “crime” – to host a second season of Chopped.

Tori is in a bad position. If she lets him go, she will worry he will cheat on her again, and even if she doesn’t she will resent being left alone with the kids at the same time when her new ABC Family comedy, Mystery Girls, begins filming. If she forbids him to go, he will resent her. It is a classic lose-lose situation.

The stress gets to her, and she ends up hospitalized for over a week with stomach pains and migraines. Dean is very attentive to her, and also gets a taste for what it’s like to be home alone caring for four young children.

Back at home, Tori does some scrapbooking with Stella, and has a breakdown. Dean comes in and asks Stella and Liam to leave the room (regardless of how you feel about the couple, it’s really hard not to feel bad for these kids.) Tori vents all of her disappointment and heartbreak. He says he is sorry, and she says for once in your life, do something to make this better. I think what she’s really saying is, don’t go back to Canada.

Dr. Wexler tells Tori that she has to talk to the older two kids about what has been going on. She tells her that while they don’t have the adult vocabulary to make sense of the particulars; kids know when something is not right. Dean and Tori sit down with Liam and Stella, and they discuss the children’s’ feelings during Dean’s absence.

Dean and Tori meet with Dr. Wexler again as a couple. Tori keeps needing to revisit the night Dean cheated on her. Dr. Wexler says this is because she needs to understand why it happened in order to feel she can prevent it from happening again. Makes sense. Dean makes some lame excuse that since they were not being “intimate” he felt he had the right to get it elsewhere. Tori is furious. They had the sex the two weekends before he left – crazy sex, apparently, including a visit to a sex shop. “You keep needing to raise the bar.” He says yeah, but we didn’t have sex the night before I left. (At this point, every woman watching collectively leaves the room.) Heated arguing ensues, and as Dean talks himself into a corner, he gets up and threatens to walk out: “I don’t want to talk about my sex life! I don’t want to do this!”

Tori says that she is angry at him, but at the same time still attracted to him. Dr. Wexler says that is love. (I have another word for it: stupidity.) She tells Dean, “She still loves you.” He says, “I don’t know why.” (That makes two of us.) Tori says that even if they move forward, every moment and memory will be tainted by this infidelity. Dr. Wexler says that she has had couples move on from infidelity, and while they never forget, they are able to have happiness. Tori doesn’t see how this is possible. Clearly, she feels that she will be miserable if she leaves him and miserable if she stays.

Watching this, it’s clear that the one grand gesture Dean could make in good faith would be to jump on the grenade and turn down the Chopped Canada job. He can’t change the past, but it would be a sign that in the future, he is putting the family first. Next week, we’ll see where he goes with it.

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