TRUE TORI, Episode Two Recap

TRUE TORI, Episode Two Recap

Watching TRUE TORI is a litmus test for married couples. Who’s the bad guy, who’s at fault, what should the couple do next? I have to confess I’ve had a few disagreements (ahem, fights) with my husband over this reality show romance-on-the-brink.

To recap: After seven years of marriage and four kids together, Dean cheated on Tori, and she kicked him out of the house AND as was revealed in a really uncomfortable way this episode, he went into treatment after becoming suicidal.

Now he’s ready to come home. But is she ready and willing to take him back?

Tori and Dean go to a therapy session with Dr. Wexler, Tori’s therapist whom she has been seeing since she was in her twenties. During the session (Tori sits on one of the couch in a self-protective position while Dean huddles on the other end) Dean mentions that the last time he was at that office, he was carried away by paramedics after thinking about jumping out the window. The cameras are shooed away, and off-camera Tori is saying to Dean, you don’t have to talk about this, this isn’t part of what I wanted for the show… But Dean insists he wants to share this part of the story (My husband said, cynically, that it’s a bid for audience sympathy.) Apparently, production was halted until Dean was cleared by his therapist as being okay to be filmed talking about this.

Dean shows up back at the house he shares with Tori and their children just in time for their son, Liam’s, birthday party. It’s the first time in three months his children have seen him, and their little faces light up. But Tori is far less welcoming, and makes it clear he’ll be sleeping in a separate bedroom. Next week, I am guessing we’ll see if he has any hope of making it back into her bedroom.

But to me, the most provocative ┬ámoment of the episode happened when Tori has coffee with some of the other moms from her son’s school. One of the moms said she told her husband early in the marriage that if he cheated on her, she just didn’t ever want to know about it. As long as he wasn’t going to leave her, and it was just a passing thing, why bring all that hurt and disruption into the relationship that they both intend to keep?

This raises the obvious question: If your husband cheated on you, would you want to know about it? Why or why not?

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