Ty-On-Tuesday ~ Snippet of TURNED by Virna DePaul

Ty-On-Tuesday ~ Snippet of TURNED by Virna DePaul
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Welcome to #TyOnTuesday – only one more week of snippets from Virna DePaul’s new release, TURNED on sale 4/1/2014 This week, an insight into Ty & Ana’s mission, Ana has learned about Gloria and is worried for her sister- this snippet will touch your heart.

About the book:
So this part might be a little redundant for those of you that have been steady followers of Ty-On-Tuesday — however, for the benefit of you newbies – here’s a short recap: :)
Ty is hot, he’s an FBI agent and a vampire (I might have neglected to mention the vampire part in earlier posts but through the snippets you probably figured that out, and hey, he’s gorgeous – does it matter?). He is also employed by the Belladonna agency and on a mission that requires them to get on the inside of a trafficking operation. Ana is their in — her sister is in the compound and Ty is going to help her get her sister and find out if what they suspect is true.

I’m telling you this book sizzles — Virna DePaul has created an intense suspense and romance that you will adore – seriously.
Not sure? Read this snippet below and let me know what you think.

And now, this weeks snippet

Ana slowly turned toward Ty. “You told me she was healthy and happy. You lying piece of shit!” She moved toward him and Ty caught her with an arm around her waist and a hand around her wrists so she couldn’t hit him. As she struggled, he nearly groaned at the feel of her body against his.

“I told you,” he gritted out. “I don’t lie.”

“Oh, so she’s a prisoner of a cult and that’s a good thing?”

“She’s using an assumed name. Helena Esperanza. That’s why you haven’t been able to find anything about her. Even if you search for her now, you won’t find much. But you’ll find a few articles about Salvation’s Crossing that mention her name. From everything we know, your sister is with the cult of her own free will.”

“Right,” she spat. “Just like Mrs. Montes, huh?” “That’s what we need to confirm.” Ty released her, not missing how quickly Ana backed away. She was breathing hard. They both were. And he’d be a fool not to recognize that fear of her response to him was driving her retreat almost as much as anger was. Momentarily, his mind shot back to that night and the way she’d looked while she’d been masturbating. The way she’d looked when he’d imagined himself going down on her. “And what if Gloria or Mrs. Montes have been brainwashed?”

“It depends. Were you brainwashed when you were with the gang? Were you in danger before you tried to jump out?” He knew she’d been both on some level, but he was curious what she’d say. If she’d admit it. If she was in denial about her past, as determined to punish herself for the choices she’d made as he suspected she was.

She hesitated, as if reluctant to make excuses for herself. “Some would say I was brainwashed. Maybe not from my gang, directly, but—”

She’d walked the line, both admitting more than he’d expected and taking responsibility for her choices all at the same time. “But did you need saving?” he pushed.

“I wanted it,” she whispered, not just surprising him now but shocking him. “Whether I needed it, who knows? But if Gloria’s brainwashed, if what you say about this cult is true, then what?”

“Then we rescue her,” he said simply.

“I’m sure it’ll be that easy,” she sneered. “The prince charging up on his white steed rescues the damsel in dis- tress. Too bad you’re more like the devil.”

He frowned at her. Prince. Devil. The words echoed in his brain. Reformed.

He suddenly pictured himself and Ana, just the way he’d imagined them when they’d been “getting it on,” so to speak—with her wearing a thin T-shirt and him with his light brown hair and blue eyes. Fragments of a conversation between them that had never actually happened filtered through his mind.

I used to read to my sister, Naomi, at bedtime. Her favorite fairy tale was Sleeping Beauty. Remember I said you weren’t living, but waiting? I call you princess be- cause you’re asleep. You don’t know how beautiful you are. How much the world needs you. And I want to be the man who kisses you and wakes you up.

So you see yourself as a prince?


Virna DePaul
Stop by next week for the last snippet!

About the Author:
Virna DePaul is a former criminal prosecutor and bestselling author of steamy, suspenseful fiction. Whether featuring vampires, a Para-Ops team, hot cops, or swoon-worthy identical twin brothers, her stories center around complex individuals willing to overcome incredible odds for love. romance author

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