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Megan Hart has a way of setting up intensely erotic dynamics between characters before anyone has even touched. She does it again in the first installment of this sexy, tension-filled e-serial that had me hooked from page one.

Simone Kahan works in human resources for a global marketing corporation in Philadelphia. From the window of her corner office, she has a view of a man across the way, in the opposite wing, who also works late nights. His name is Elliott Anderson, and he’s an attorney.  Elliott has a habit of bringing beautiful blondes back to his office and having kinky sex with them. Simone likes to watch.  It seems that Simone likes it rough, and Elliott dishes it out exactly the way she prefers to take it. Plus, he’s hot:

He was, as far as she was concerned, perfection. Just over six feet tall. Dark hair gone silver at the temples. Lean swimmers body he liked to clothe in tailored suits – nothing ostentatious. Always classic. Professional. Subdued. Appropriate. The man dressed like  a master of industry and [had sex] like a jackhammer.

It’s been three weeks since Simone’s seen Elliott in action. Tonight, things end badly for him and his blonde du jour when she balks at being spanked.  “What would it be like, Simone wondered, to have him focus that look on her? To feel his hand on her wrist? Gripping hard, maybe grinding the bones together, just a little? It would be delicious.”

We get Elliott’s point of view, and he’s furious with himself for misjudging the blonde.  When he encounters Simone in the elevator, he knows she’s seen her before: “A tiny thing, she barely came up to his shoulder, and that hair. Black and glossy as a raven’s wing, brushing over her cheeks like feathers.” He notes that her clothes are cheap. She’s not his type, and he clearly thinks he’s above her.  But Simone flirts with him, and convinces him to take her to the party he’s going to – though his first impulse is telling her, “You wouldn’t fit in.”

Simone is stung by his words, but when she gets to the party she knows he’s right.  She feels out-classed, but she doesn’t let it get to her.  Her personality charms everyone — everyone but Elliot. When they hook up in the enormous guest bathroom, he’s reluctant to give in to his attraction to her.  Their brief encounter in the stall gives him a hint about her sexual willingness, her desire to submit. But he’s too hung about how wrong she is for him to enjoy her.  Why isn’t Simone totally turned off by his attitude? “She’d always been drawn to arrogant men, the one who thought they knew best. Those were the ones who could give her what she craved.” Back at her apartment, they hook up and it’s clear their desires are perfectly matched. It couldn’t be more hot. But Elliot pulls away before they have a chance to have sex. Later, he reflects,

 He wanted to pinch her until she bruised. Bend her over the back of the chair, lift her skirt and leave the marks of his hands on her ass. Thinking of it now, his cock throbbed. “More,” Simone had said, but she’d had no idea what that meant for a man like him. No woman ever had.

It’s clear that Elliott is closed off and has some serious hang-ups. It’s possible that he and Simone could give each other exactly what they need, if only he’d give her a chance. There’s also a chance that what he needs is more than even Simone is willing to give.  She’s a strong but not invulnerable heroine. He’s controlling and arrogant but not without appeal. This first installment of the story leaves me wanting more of them both. Check back next week for a review of Every Part of You: Resists Me (Every Part of You #2).

EVERY PART OF YOU: TEMPTS ME (Every Part of You #1) by Megan Hart/February 4/St. Martin’s Griffin

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