Weekend Viewing: The Other Woman

Weekend Viewing: The Other Woman

This week I got to go to an advance screening of THE OTHER WOMAN (!) which made me feel both very special and very excited because it had been on my list of movies to see this month. I love a good rom-com and in that department, THE OTHER WOMAN delivers. The basic set-up of the movie is that high-power NYC lawyer, Carly (Cameron Diaz–rom-com veteran) has been dating entrepreneur Mark King (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau), who happens to be very married to Kate King (Leslie Mann). She discovers this when she makes an impromptu (and sexy) visit to his house in Connecticut and Kate answers the door.

While Kate comes to grips with the fact that everything she thought she knew about her marriage is wrong, she somehow convinces Carly to help her cope…and get revenge on Mark. While it follows the romantic comedy arc–everyone gets a happy ending, and two of three happy endings involve a man–this story is really about female friendships. Hilarious female friendships.

Carly and Kate couldn’t be more different. Carly is the cool, calm, sexy lawyer who wears almost exclusively black and white, and Kate is an emotional Connecticut wife who wears florals and straw hats and carries little raffia purses. But somehow they manage to become friends despite meeting in such odd circumstances. And they even pick up another stray–twenty-two year old Amber (Kate Upton)–who is the second of Mark’s mistresses. They all fall into friendship-love and some pretty funny moments ensue.

I won’t spoil the ending, though there isn’t much to spoil–it does follow a pretty standard plot line–but I will say: go see this movie! If you want two hours of light fun, with a lot of funny ladies at their most silly, then THE OTHER WOMAN is perfect :)

Here’s the trailer:

Let us know if you end up seeing the movie! And tell us what you think!

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