Weekend Viewing: TRUE BLOOD Season 7 Premiere

Weekend Viewing: TRUE BLOOD Season 7 Premiere
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With the trailer for True Blood’s seventh season warning us that all humans are at risk, it looks likely that the last ten episodes of the beloved supernatural soap opera are going to wrap up with a very bloody bang.  But before the new episodes begin airing this Sunday, June 22 on HBO (and we begin recapping them here), it’s probably a good time to refresh our memories on where things were left when we were last in Bon Temps.

After a long season of vampire and human politics with The Authority creating massive in-fighting amongst the vampires and the Louisiana governor’s office doing its best to eliminate vampires, Sookie’s past and family history became the main focus of the season as she faced a family debt that would force her to marry the faerie-vampire Warlow.

For a time it seems like Warlow may not have been as bad as she was led to believe. While her love of danger and the ongoing conflicting stories she gets about what’s really going on with him may lead her to fall into bed with him, Sookie is very firm that she’d prefer to date him rather than marry him.  That suggestion doesn’t go over so well, and Jason and the ghost of Sookie’s grandfather eventually kill Warlow to prevent him from turning Sookie into a vampire.

Warlow’s demise, however, has wider repercussions than just Sookie’s matrimonial future. With his death, the ability of some vampires to walk in daylight, which had helped to save many of those previously used as experimentation subjects by the state of Louisiana, is now gone.

The most important reason to care about this may be that Eric Northman was sun-bathing naked in the snow at the time. If he has been incinerated or just burnt to an unrecognizable but still immortal crisp, it would be a tragic end to the piece of art that is his spectacular body.  Of course, Warlow’s death and the end of day-walking also means no more vampires high out of their minds, frolicking in the sunlight and having vampire orgies on people’s suburban lawns.

With Warlow gone and vampires no longer partying at high noon, things seem to quiet down in Bon Temps.  In fact, everything looks so idyllic, with Bill embarking on a writing career, Sam getting elected mayor, Arlene taking over the bar, and Alcide and Sookie dating (finally!), you just knew something utterly terrible was about to happen as the season came to a close.

Sure enough, the Hepatitis-V virus, engineered by the anti-vampire governor of Lousiana earlier in the season, starts spreading through the vampire population despite efforts that had been made to destroy the intentionally tainted True Blood supply.  With no cure for Hepatitis-V and it making vampires both violent and desperate to find uncontaminated blood, any supposedly peaceful coexistence between humans and vampires seems impossible.  Not, of course, that that possibility hasn’t already been destroyed several times over in the course of the show.

Bon Temps’s plan to pair uninfected vampires with humans for a blood/protection exchange results in some of the most awkward conversations and biting choices ever. These include Tara and her mom having a reconciliation, and Jessica trying to make up for her role in the death of three of Andy’s half-faerie daughters.

Between the relationship musical chairs and the supernatural cross-breeding that has marked recent seasons of True Blood, it’s nearly impossible to predict what will happen next or if anyone will make it out alive, but with so many immortals running around, you’d think Sookie Stackhouse would be able to get a literal happily ever after with someone.

I’ll be recapping True Blood here at Romance @ Random starting next week.  In the meantime, join us in the comments and let us which of the show’s many heroes you’re rooting for to finally win Sookie over once and for all.

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