What is the appeal of romance novels? + Giveaway!

What is the appeal of romance novels? + Giveaway!

What is the appeal of romance novels? By Jennifer at Clean Romance Reviews

There are few women out there that truly don’t enjoy reading a good romance, even if it’s just once in a while. Though they might not actually site down and read them. I would say that there is rarely a story out there that cannot be improved by adding in a good romance. More than enjoying, I think I am officially obsessed with reading romances, watching romantic movies, or even hearing romantic stories.

But I started to think, why is that? Is it because I need to read about how other people have fantastically perfect romances? That I want that perfect knight-in-shining armor and can only get it in the pages of a book? Of course not! I myself am blissfully in love with my own husband, so why am I drawn to reading about other people falling in love?

I once heard that the appeal of romance novels comes from the fact that no one ever has to do laundry. Meaning that in romance novels, while there might be difficult situations, seemingly insurmountable circumstances, misunderstandings or any number of other obstacles, the bare necessities of everyday life is rarely involved. It makes sense; no one wants to take a break from doing chores just to read about someone else doing them. We want to get caught up in a new world where there is excitement, fun, danger and of course, a wonderful man who stands in as a knight in shining armor – whether that armor is tarnished or not.

I think my love of romances also stems from the fact that I love being in love. I love reading scenes that remind me of falling in love with my husband. Granted my husband isn’t a vampire, ghost, medieval knight, war veteran, rancher, business tycoon or any of the other heroes of most romance books, but at the root of it all, it’s about a man and a woman falling in love and making it work. And in the end, that is something we can all relate to. It is something that we have all either already experienced, yearn to know, or wish to taste again.

So with the fantasy of a semi-unrealistic life of no day to day chores, and the universal excitement of love, why do so many people turn away from this genre? I think there are a couple of reasons for this. The first and foremost I have encountered is that there are those out there who are opposed to reading steamy bedroom scenes and therefore skip the genre altogether in order to avoid it. I found this problem myself, but my desire to read cleaner romances forced me to not give up on romances. In fact, this very problem is the reason I started blogging. My site, Clean Romance Reviews, dedicates itself to reviewing and promoting romance books that are all about the romance and not the steam. I figure, why deny yourself the wonderful world of romance books just because you want to keep things on the sweeter side?

Question: Why do you think romances are so popular? What prompts you to read romances? If you don’t read them, what turns you off to the genre? Remember, 5 commenters are chosen each week to win a free book – winners announced on Sunday – good luck!

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