New Releases This Week

New Releases This Week

The theme this week seems to be short and sweet. We have three novellas and one series conclusion to keep us hot and bothered going into Valentine’s Day weekend.

As Hot As It Gets by Elle Kennedy (Samhain/$4.50) – The final book in her Out of Uniform series, this book lives up to its name. Not for the faint of heart: After watching his teammates settle down one by one, Navy SEAL Jackson Ramsey is ready to say goodbye to the single life. He’s even met a woman who intrigues him, challenges him, and turns him right on—Mia Weldrick, the funny and beautiful gardener he can’t wait to get to know better. Except Mia isn’t interested in dating him, which means it’s time for Jackson to unleash his Texas charm and do some serious wooing.

Bollywood and the Beast by Suleikha Snyder (Samhain/$4.50)  The third novella in the Bollywood Confidential series: American-born ingénue Rakhee “Rocky” Varma knows a career in Bollywood is no fairy tale, but that truth hits home when her outspoken nature lands her in hot water with the media. Banished to her leading man’s crumbling mansion on the outskirts of Delhi until things cool down, she is wholly unprepared to meet her costar’s reclusive brother, Taj Ali Khan. Taj, a former action hero until a stunt gone horribly wrong ended his career, wears a cape of scars and a crown of rudeness. As his cynicism collides with her determination to stick it out in Bollywood no matter what, sparks fly.

Misbehaving by Tiffany Reisz (Harlequin, Cosmo Red Hot Reads/$3.99)– The author of the popular BDSM series Original Sinners has a new novella that is on the lighter side of the erotic spectrum: As a popular sex blogger, Beatriz gets paid to have orgasms. So being on deadline the week of her sister’s wedding isn’t as rough as it sounds. There’s just one hitch: Bea’s assignment is to write a review of a sex position manual, but she doesn’t have a plus-one to play with.The good news: Ben, the one who got away back in college, is also attending stag—and he’s as temptingly gorgeous as ever.The bad news: Ben turned down Bea’s offer of graduation-night sex five years ago.The best news: He’s not planning on making the same mistake twice.

Crazy Stupid Sex by Maisy Yates (Harlequin, Cosmo Red Hot Reads/$3.99 digital) – It’s technology meets cupid in this novella by the author of The Silver Creek series: Twenty-seven year old app developer (and self-made millionaires) Evie James is clueless when it comes to hooking up. So she does what any self-respecting geek-girl looking to get laid would do: she programs her own app for landing a hot guy. After a few failed attempts at making contact, beta testing leads her to Caleb Anderson.  A master of one-night stands, Caleb is more than happy to show her what she’s been missing in the bedroom.  But he quickly discovers that one night with a woman like Evie will never be enough for him.

 What’s on your reading list this week?


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