Winners Announced!! _ When Story-Tropes Collide: Best-Friends-To-Lovers Meets Brother’s-Best-Friend + Giveaway

Winners Announced!! _ When Story-Tropes Collide: Best-Friends-To-Lovers Meets Brother’s-Best-Friend + Giveaway

When I first set out to write Just One Night, I figured it would be the easiest of the Stiletto series to get on paper. For starters, it’s the third book in a series, so I had plenty of time to get to know my characters while writing the first two stories. I also was thinking it would be easier because it was a friends-to-lovers story. I thought that since Riley and Sam had known each other for a decade, I’d be able to skip their “getting to know you” phase and get straight to the good stuff.

But I was only partially correct.

While it’s true that the Stiletto girls were pretty much having full conversations in my head by the time I sat down to write Riley’s story, when it came to Riley and Sam’s relationship? Things weren’t nearly as easy as I expected.

See, Just One Night is a combo of a two classic tropes. It’s part friends-to-lovers, part falling-for-the-brother’s-best-friend storyline. And while I ADORE both of those plots, the combination stumped me a bit … because why the HECK aren’t these two together already?! If they’re good friends (which they are), and are on fire for each other (which they TOTALLY are), would they really let something like big brother’s approval stand in the way for ten years? Not freaking likely! Also, Big Brother Liam’s not a jerk, so I couldn’t go making him the bad guy.

What to do, what to do …

Ultimately it came down to the characters themselves (quick fact about writing romance, it’s almost ALWAYS the characters that are the problem!).

It turns out I didn’t know Riley quite as well as I thought she did. She’s got some hang-ups of her own beneath the gorgeous, confident exterior. And Sam … well Sam’s a brooding, alpha mess, and I didn’t even know it!

It wasn’t as simple as just throwing Riley/Sam together, because they’ve been thrown together for years and haven’t stuck. So I had to turn their life upside down piece by tiny piece until they had no choice but to lean on the other person, and the result is, well … very, very sexy.

Below is a snippet from Just One Night, and can’t you just FEEL how frustrated these poor lovers are? *cue evil author laughter*

Oh, and by the way … Just One Night is available starting TODAY!


He closed his eyes, shaking his head slightly. Then he shifted, pulling out his wallet. “We’re going to regret this.”
“You have about thirty seconds to change your mind, but after that . . .”
Riley’s fingers found his wrist, tilting the face of his watch towards her. “Twenty-two seconds…seventeen….”
Her head snapped up at the seriousness in his tone.
“This is a one-time deal. One night to get whatever you need for your story, and then we go back to normal.”
She swallowed. Nodded.
“Say it out-loud,” he growled. “This can never be something.”
“Okay,” she whispered. “Just one night.”
He searched her face as though looking for indication that she was going to keep him chained up in her closet until the end of days.
Then he smiled. “Let’s go make it a hell of a night.”

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