When the Ending is Just The Beginning

When the Ending is Just The Beginning
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The end. Or is it?

It’s always hard to say good-bye to characters that you’ve come to love, especially when you’ve been with them for three books over four years of your life.  So writing the final installment of my Ashes trilogy was kind of hard. But I did it. I gave each of them a farewell befitting their story and left all with a sense of hope, except for one  character, who dies.  Not telling you who, you will just have to read the book to find out.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago when I was flipping through a catalog. It was the Sundance clothing catalog; of which I am a big fan of dreaming over and wishing I could buy or wear half the things in there. I do have a pair of boots I got from them, but I digress.  One entire page featured a girl with long dark hair. She wore a pair of jeans, knee-high boots, and a white peasant type blouse with embroidery. I instantly recognized her as Wren and just like that another story was born, one that takes place three or four years later.

When a book ends you like to imagine the characters living happily ever after. You want to know that their life goes on, and it does, in your imagination. It’s easy to imagine Cinderella in her castle living a perfect life, but for characters like Wren and her friends, life is hard and the world is cruel.

I hope to write the next chapter in Wren’s life someday soon because she is so much a part of me and her story deserves to be told.  There are a lot of different versions of happily ever after.  One simple decision can change the course of your life just as my words on a page can change the course of a character’s.

I hope you enjoy reading the end of the Ashes trilogy. But keep in mind, one person’s ending can be another’s beginning.

 Kassy Tayler is the author of Ashes of Twilight, as well as several other novels in multiple genres. Aside from writing, she also works with the local humane society, helping with animal rescue. Tayler and her family live in Pilot Mountain, North Carolina.

Remnants of Tomorrow (St. Martins/March 18th)

Kassy Tayler’s Remnants of Tomorrow brings all the factions together. The royals, the shiners, the rovers and the everyday workers of the dome as they fight against each other and the inevitable.  It is time to leave the dome.

Wren’s father takes her on a journey through the dome where she sees the after effects of the destruction caused by her friends and the blue coats who came into the tunnels.  What he doesn’t realize is that instead of subduing her, he is giving more purpose and fuel to her cause.  When he realizes his plan has backfired, he sells Wren and her friends caught inside to the rovers.  They manage to escape and add more fuel to the hatred between the rovers and the dome.  Wren and her friends from inside the dome and America are caught in the middle as the battle escalates and whoever wins the battle wins the right to life.

It’s up to Wren to make both sides see that the only way they can survive is by working together.


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