Why I Like Paranormal Romance Most Of All

Why I Like Paranormal Romance Most Of All
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Why Ellen Likes Paranormal Romance Most Of All:

The first single-title romance novel I ever read was The Wolf and the Dove by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss. I continued with books by Laurie McBain and Rosemary Rogers (am I dating myself?!). So my first love was the historical genre. But now I read mostly paranormals, including sci-fi/fantasy and urban fantasy.

Why? What’s the appeal?

When I read paranormal romance, I can get lost in another world. Intricate, well-thought-out world-building and interesting new characters always draw me in. Some favorite authors who excel at this are probably on some of your shelves or e-readers, too: Nalini Singh (Psy-Changeling and Guild Hunter series), J.D. Robb (In Death series), and C.L. Wilson (Tairen Soul series).

I also got sucked right into The Iron Duke by Meljean Brook, Driven and Hidden by Eve Kenin, and recent debuts by Virna DePaul (Chosen by Blood) and Thea Harrison (Dragon Bound) were also fabulous.

When an author can paint a picture of an unfamiliar world with unfamiliar rules and I can see that world as if I were there? Amazing! And I love reading books in which authors introduce new “species” (Lora Leigh’s Breeds) or enhanced humans (Sarah McCarty’s Reapers Justice).

Whether they are based on legend, magic or science, these characters have a different set of rules to follow, either in addition to or in lieu of our accepted human rules. Those new rules certainly make life interesting for any non-humans in the vicinity. The creativity of authors who can think up such novel ideas and share them with their readers never ceases to impress me. It’s hard enough for me to write a simple blog post like this one.

In paranormal romances, characters are allowed more leeway in their actions. Heroes can be over-the-top strong and even overbearing—behavior that just wouldn’t fly in a contemporary romance. We would call the police on any man who tried to grab us off the street and confine us “for our protection.” But demons, shifters and vampires don’t have to follow human rules. So they’re hot alpha males instead of psychotic stalkers. Heroines can be super strong, dangerous and deadly. Heroine Annwyl from G.A. Aiken’s Dragon Actually is a warrior who likes chopping body parts off of her enemies. The dragon shifter heroes in the series eat large animals and people. Horrifying in real life, funny in the Dragon Kin series. And an upside of paranormals with immortals and destined mates? Since many heroes and heroines are immortal, they will be together forever or at least a really long, long time. Mmm, love everlasting…

Some elements transcend genre and are a part of all great romances. Story-lines that draw you in, great character development that makes you care what happens to the characters, descriptions that put you in the scene, the drawing out of your emotions that can make you laugh or cry—when a (paranormal) romance has all these and more, I am one happy reader! EllenH

So why do you love the sub-genre you read, any similarities to mine?

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