When You Wish Upon A Mitten…Or A Scarf… by Lisa Van Allen

When You Wish Upon A Mitten…Or A Scarf… by Lisa Van Allen

Whenever I knit or crochet a gift for someone, I always knit a few good wishes and prayers into the stitches. It’s my hope that some of that good energy will somehow rub off on the recipient.

So you can imagine it wasn’t a far jump from there to, “Wouldn’t it be cool if a person could knit a magic spell?”

In an instant, the driving force behind for The Wishing Thread was born.

The story is about three sisters who struggle with life and love—and who play a central role in their neighborhood in Tarrytown, New York, as all the people in town come to them with requests for spells.

The main character, Aubrey, is a soft-spoken and quirky librarian who is often the victim of much speculation and gossip on account of her “magical” knitting and her freakishly blue eyes. But the new guy in the neighborhood, Vic, isn’t put off by the things people say about her; he finds her bookish awkwardness to be totally charming.

The problem is that Aubrey hardly has time to think about romance: her aunt has just passed away, breaking tradition by leaving her home, The Stitchery, to the three Van Ripper sisters instead of just leaving it to Aubrey alone. And now, her sisters are back in town—and whether they like it or not, they’ve got to find a way to come together and decide the fate of their family legacy.

Each sister has her own feelings about their traditions. It’s complicated. In order for the magic to work, a person must be willing to give up something that’s as good as what they’ll receive if the spell works. And that means the “magic” is not a sure bet.

What would you give up to save your family’s legacy, or your whole town? What would you be willing to sacrifice in the name of a magic spell?

These days, when everything is made by machines, handmade gifts mean so much. I hope this book will speak to any woman who knows the magic of giving or receiving gifts made with heart.

Thanks for reading!

I’m wishing you happy holidays!
Lisa Van Allen


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