After taking a week off, Witches of East End kicks off with Joanna doing a solitary ritual in the woods, to put Victor’s soul at rest. Her mourning period is interrupted by a black form flyby and immediately Joanna knows a Mandragora is loose in the woods. Finally, blue sex leech Avatar guy has a species type! Mandragoras are some of the worst creatures in all of Asgard and almost no one has survived a brush with these nasty dudes. Mandragoras develop parasitic sexual relationships with their mate and even pull energy from the mate when they are not feeding. If you kill or injure a Mandragora, the mate suffers the same fate – not good news for Ingrid. Joanna knows the only person who has ever gone to battle with a Mandragora and lived to tell the tale. Too bad high-powered, hedge fund manager witch Alex is pissed at Joanna and tells her to go fight her own battles. The scene between Alex and Joanna is ripe with…what? Sexual tension? Unrequited love? Failed relationship status? Yep, it appears Joanna has been keeping more than just their witchy powers secret from her girls and the rest of the world: Alex and Joanna were a couple back in the 1970s.

Speaking of the 1970s, a large chunk of this week’s episode takes place there. Freya, desperate to understand her relationship with Killian, creates a super powered memory potion. With a few drops on her tongue, Freya is able to pick a time period to dream about in living color. Freya has discovered that she and Killian crossed paths in every life she’s lived. Killian and Dash were not always brothers but never — regardless of time period — did this triangle end well. Which leads us to my favorite part of this week’s episode, 70s disco! Freya’s memory potion takes her to a Studio 54-esque club setting complete with 70s Killian exposing tons of chest hair and a butt part with wings for hair, 70s Freya wears the satin dress, dances disco, and snorts coke like it’s her job. Dash has a pornstache that wins the internet for the week and anger management issues that make you think he’s going to go all Scarface on us and introduce us to his “little friend” at any moment. It. Is. Awesome!

The 1970s disco scene shows us that 70s Dash and 70s Freya are in a relationship of sorts: he’s a drug dealer, and she has the ability to spell the coke he distributes to make it more potent. Freya is afraid to leave Dash because, she really loves the coke and she truly fears he will kill her if she tries to go. Needless to say, this makes sneaking around with  Killian very risky. Good thing 70s Killian isn’t afraid hook up with Freya in a disco bathroom. The lovin’ is good — so good that Freya decides to end it with Dash. This leads to blood on the dance floor when Dash does indeed introduce Killian to his little friend.

Seeing all of this play out in her memory makes Freya pause and pull back from telling Killian the truth about their star-crossed, spanning-the-test-of-time, always-doomed-but filled-with-love relationship. Freya can’t bear to watch their doomed relationship play out again so she ends up telling Killian that just because you want something, it doesn’t mean it’s good for you. She’s glad he’s safe and wishes him well with Eva. All of this goes down just in time for Eva to give Killian a purple potion laced drink which of course he slurps right down.

Back at the hospital we have Dr. Dash talking with a young cancer patient heading into surgery. Sadly, young Sam doesn’t make it and this upsets Dr. Dash so he starts chanting Latin words over the dead boy. Whatever he says brings the boy back to life. The problem is, as we well know, you don’t mess with the natural order of life and death. Sam’s death is now in Dash’s body and it’s making its way through his system by moving up his hands and leaving a black trail of death. Ingrid explains what he did wrong and encourages Dash to return Sam’s death to his body or it will end up killing Dash. Once he returns to the hospital to give Sam his death back, guilt renders Dash unable to follow through with the deed. The young boy is finally free of cancer and has his whole life in front of him – Dash can’t bring himself to take that away from him. Dash ends up transferring Sam’s death into the body of a bad guy criminal that’s brought into the ER. Of course he doesn’t tell Ingrid he didn’t deliver death they way they discussed – but at least death is out of Dash’s body…for now.

During the course of the day, Ingrid gets the siren’s call of the Mandragora and heads off to the woods to blindly feed him. She wakes to find herself bleeding again with no recollection of how she got into the woods. Ingrid sets off to find Dash to ask him to watch her sleep. All of the blood tests Dash has run on her shows no sign of a medical condition causing her lapse of memory so he agrees to watch over her to see what happens when she sleeps. While this is going on, Joanna and Alex are tracking the Mandragora in the woods, they have a serum that can destroy him. Just as they find him and are about to kill him, Joanna realizes Ingrid is the Mandragoora’s mate and stops Alex from delivering the lethal blow. This gives the Mandragora time to vaporize and relocate to Dash’s house where he grabs a seemingly possessed Ingrid and shoves his deadly tentacles in Dash’s ears. We now know those tentacles deliver a deadly toxin so things are not looking good for Dash right now. Joanna and Alex arrive on the scene just in time to see this and to watch Ingrid and the Mandragora disappear into thin air. Man, there is no getting around it: the Beauchamp women are insanely unlucky in love!

No previews to report on but the title of next week’s episode is When a Mandragora Loves a Woman. That makes me giddier than you can possibly imagine!


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