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This episodes kicks off with two of the worst things that could happen while having sex. Freddie and his new chick, Caroline are enjoying each other all naked and such when Freddie’s Mom, Joanna walks in and sees aplenty. Across the way, Killian and Eva are going at it
(as they are wont to do all the freaking time) when suddenly Killian sees an altered version of Eva — or did he see the real Eva? Either way, what he saw was a total boner killer since Eva looked like a craggy old witch, warts on the face and all.

Speaking of things that you know are going to turn sexual, Dash surprises Ingrid at the library and invites her to the East End Arts Coalition’s black tie gala, as friends of course (riiiiight, just friends). Wendy and Freya are also attending this event; Wendy received a special invitation from an unknown benefactor. Wendy is at a bit of a crossroads. She is in love with sexy EMT Tommy but refuses to admit it because in her eyes, love is the worst; the person always leaves or dies. Sour on love much?

Moving along, Freddie is at the bar convincing Caroline to come to dinner with his Mom (who has seen her boobs). Caroline is very smart and sweet and mortified which means I’m certain she’ll be dead soon! After Caroline agrees to dinner with the family, a mysterious man appears at the table with Freddie. Obviously magical, he is able to render Freddie incapacitated rather quickly. He explains the King sent him to help Freddie finish his mission. This mystery man gives Freddie a potion he’s supposed to slip into Joanna’s drink. The powers that be feel Joanna is too powerful and the potion is meant to weaken her, not kill her. Freddie is obviously having difficulty coming to terms with this plan but is really given very little choice.

Freya and Ingrid have a little tiff over Ingrid going out on a date with Dash. Ingrid thinks Freya is jealous because, well, obviously, Dash is Freya’s ex-fiancé. Freya insists she’s over Dash and her reasoning is because she thinks Dash is using his magic for evil and she fears for Ingrid’s safety. Of course Ingrid, with all of her wisdom when it comes to picking bad guys, tells Freya she will date whomever she wants. Off to the gala they go.

Killian steps from the shower to find a steamy message on the bathroom mirror. The message reads, “Don’t trust Eva – check your phone.” Obviously the seeds of doubt are in Killian’s altered mind. He sends Eva out to pick up take out and checks his phone. He finds a message from himself, warning him against Eva and explaining the Eva is poisoning him and his true love is Freya. When Eva returns with dinner, Killian confronts her and demands she tell him what the deal is. Eva cuts her hand and slings some of her blood on Killian’s face. This causes him to collapse and Eva is able to give him a stronger dose of the poison and just like that, Killian is under her spell again, and ready for sex of course.

At the gala, Wendy realizes her face is in all of the artwork. We discover the reclusive artist on display is actually Wendy’s ex, times three. Seems he is the reason Wendy feels love is a bad thing. Her ex wants her back and really lays on the charm. Wendy is hesitant because things always go bad with him, and he makes her make bad decisions. They make out and Wendy comes to her senses and realizes that she does in fact love Tommy, he makes love feel safe. The ex tells her he needs a swath of her hair so he can continue painting and she basically tells him to take a long walk off a short pier. Wendy is moving on; bring on some Tommy action!

Also at the gala, Dash and Ingrid are growing closer. Dash is cornered by the father of the man that was blackmailing him, Kyle. Kyle’s dad is a wealthy man and he’s certain Dash has something to do with his son’s disappearance. A confrontation outside ends when Dash uses his powers to kill the man. He plays the innocent doctor that tried to help and tells Ingrid his sob story of a lie. Ingrid, maker of bad guy decisions, buys it and kisses him passionately.

At the Joanna/Freddie/Caroline dinner, an unexpected guest, Tarkoff, shows up. Tarkoff is a friend of Joanna and Victor’s from back in the day; he is also the mysterious man that gave Freddie the potion to slip into Joanna’s drink. Obviously there to make sure Freddie completes his task, Tarkoff sets up and easy way for Freddie to slip the potion in Joanna’s drink. During a toast contrived to get Joanna to drink, Joanna launches into a beautiful speech, extolling the greatness of her son and telling everyone how much she loves him and is so happy to have him back in her life. Needless to say, Freddie can’t go through with the plan and he ends up breaking Joanna’s glass so she can’t drink the poison. Tarkoff is not happy and threatens Freddie once they are alone. Freddie explains the big bombshell of the evening: He is hosting King Gramps in his brand. Freddie is in East End to find a suitable host body for Gramps so Tarkoff can’t kill Freddie without killing the King. Freddie tells Tarkoff if he so much as harms a hair on Joanna’s head, he will slit his own throat and destroy the King. The irony is Tarkoff plucked a few Joanna hairs when he said good night so we know this story is far from complete.


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