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This episode kicks off with Hudson, Ingrid’s library co-worker, popping in to grab something he left behind only to find an obviously be-spelled Ingrid in a pile of disarray sprawled out on the floor. In an odd sing-songy voice, Ingrid tells him she’s so glad he was chosen and seconds later, the Madragora and his creepy tentacles attack poor Hudson. When the group looking for Ingrid finally finds him, a freshly bad guy carved up and branded Hudson tells them “he wanted to wear my skin but it wasn’t a good fit” and then rounds the final corner on the death train. The take away should be, don’t befriend a witch in this town, if we did a roll call, I think we’d find only one or two mortals remain in the immortal friend circle. Not good odds for those without special powers!

A lot of this episode centers around Frederick trying to prove to everyone that he comes in peace. Freya and Frederick are still at odds over their father’s death as she thinks he’s to blame for bringing the bad guys to their door. And Wendy still doesn’t trust him as far as she could throw him. In spite of Frederick’s constant pleas of only trying to save them and protect them from evil and Grandfather, Freya and Wendy won’t listen. They are the only ones who still doubt his loyalties.

Joanna and Alex create a potion that in a strong enough dose can kill the Mandragora but in smaller sizes, injected directly into the brain (via a long spikey needle through the ear – ouch and gross!) can break the Mandragora’s bond with its host. As of right now, the Mandragora has dipped his tentacles into Ingrid and Dash. Both are feeling the effects of his poison, Ingrid’s response is more swoony, sexed up protective where Dash’s anger management issues are on full display.

Freya realizes she has to go to Dash and ask to see the brother’s grimoire for possible spells to help completely break the link between Ingrid and the Mandragora. Freya feels pretty confident that Dash will do anything to help Ingrid, even work with the woman he was once slated to marry. When Freya arrives at Dash’s house, it is painfully obvious Dash is not well. All of his rage over Freya’s betrayal is on full display. Dash is ready to kill Freya and almost succeeds until a clever (and better witch) Freya tricks him and is able to stab him in the brain with the Mandragora potion.  Once Dash has control over his brain, he apologizes and immediately agrees to help Freya save Ingrid. They rush back to Freya’s house to get to work.

Back in the library, Joanna and Alex are able to stab Ingrid in the brain with the potion thus releasing her from the Mandragora’s control. Ingrid is still linked to him: if he dies, she dies. But Ingrid is able to run home and start helping Freya, Frederick, Wendy and Dash prepare the ritual to break the Mandragora’s parasitic link.  Joanna and Alex stay behind to track the Mandragora with the intent of subduing him until the link can be destroyed. Tentacle guy is able to sneak up on both of them and trap them in a dreamlike state that has them locked in a never-ending library. This “alone” time forces the former lovers to talk about their failed relationship and make amends for the break up. Joanna and Alex love each other very much and both have been miserable without the other for so long.

When Ingrid returns home, she’s greeted with hugs from everyone, especially from Dash. The bond between these two is palpable and their sparks do not go unnoticed by Wendy and Freya. After scouring Dash’s family grimoire, it is discovered that the only way to break the Ingrid/Mandragora connection is to brew an oily potion, cover Ingrid’s body with it, and set her on fire. Yes, set Ingrid on fire is the plan everyone agrees on! The Mandragora shows up during the fire process and Wendy tries to take him on with a broom. Frederick saves the day, Wendy’s life and is able to slay the Mandragora moments after the fire spell frees Ingrid of the Mandragora’s link. Finally Wendy and Freya are able to forgive Frederick and welcome him with open arms. When the Mandragora dies, Joanna and Alex are released from his control but retain all memories of the hard truths they admitted to each other while under his spell. Back at home, after everyone makes up with their enemy, Wendy sees Alex and Joanna’s touching good bye and over hears the women telling each other how much they’ve missed the other. Alex leaves to head back to her life in NYC.

So, you might ask, where was Killian during all of this drama? Well, having sex with Eva of course because that’s pretty much all they do! At the bar, Killian is overwhelmed by his ability to hear the bar patron’s thoughts so he calls it a day and heads home to rest. Eva gently explains that the less you force control over your gifts, the easier it is to control them. Killian comments on the fact that he’s never been able to read Eva’s thoughts and she distracts him with sex. After a refreshing and bespelled drink for Killian, Eva gets him back on the sex train. Flash forward to Eva straddling Killian in a post coital embrace to find Eva dripping hot candle wax on Killian’s chest. She has him close his eyes while she chants over the hot wax pooled on his torso and I swear it looked like the wax turned into the Asgard symbol of evil. Before Killian can question what’s happening, Eva entices him into yet another round of sex. Later, an obviously depleted Killian is fast asleep as Eva stands above him whispering how he’s going to give her a baby. I am pretty sure all of the sex they’re having renders any potion unnecessary if a baby is all she’s after;  I’m thinking the potions ensure a certain type of baby.

After all of the sex, drama, and heavy soul-bearing conversations and amends are made, Frederick goes to shower and wash off the day. Just as he is about to step in the shower his Asgard brand lights up and he drops to the floor in what looks like another seizure. The only difference this time is he actually talks while he’s in this state of distress and mumbles his apologies to his Grandfather and promises to find another way to finish the deed he was sent there to do. See, Wendy was absolutely right to doubt that dude’s loyalties! Next week’s episode is titled Art of Darkness. I can only imagine the trouble the crew will encounter with a creepy title like that.


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