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Witches of East End

It’s the Fourth of July in East End. Like any good small town, East End is hosting a Fourth of July picnic, complete with kiddie rides and fireworks. The whole town will be in attendance. This episode kicks off with Joanna and Freya looking for Ingrid. Seems she didn’t sleep in her bed last night. If you recall, when we last saw Ingrid she was sleepwalking through the woods and having sex with the Avatar-looking creature.

Ingrid is found sleeping it off (and by “it” I mean Avatar sex, but Joanna and Freya think she’s sleeping off too much celebratory alcohol) under a tree in the back yard. When she wakes, Ingrid is feeling fine. In fact, she’s feeling better than she has in years and has the appetite of a giant. Of course when Ingrid suggests eggs, bacon, and tacos for breakfast, BabyScandal rolled her eyes and said, “totally pregnant with an Avatar-creature baby, no way she got condoms on all of those tentacles while she was sleep sexing.” (Just so you don’t worry about my parenting skills, BabyScandal is the baby of the family, and she’s a teenager, not an actual baby and sadly, she’s probably more mature than I am.) Next up in the Beauchamp house, Joanna explains the appearance of long lost brother Frederick to the girls. As a recap, Frederick is Freya’s twin. He chose to remain with his Grandfather in Asgard when the others were banished. He crossed over to East End when Ingrid opened the portal on Freya’s doomed wedding day. Wendy fears Frederick is bad news. She sensed a vicious and predatory aura in the woods just before Frederick knocked on the front door. As a viewer, you know there were two things in the woods, Frederick and Avatar-looking guy. I don’t think either one if up to any good. A little later in the show, we see Frederick casting a spell on Wendy’s earring.  If the ritual he performed to cast that spell is any indication of its quality, I’d say it wasn’t protective white magic he used…so, do with that what you will.

Joanna decides to make Dash a magic truth-telling pie. Under the guise of giving him a peace offering, Joanna hopes one sniff of the pie will compel him to spill the beans on his magical abilities. As you can well imagine, Dash is having no part of any Beauchamp pie and basically tells Joanna where she and her traitorous daughter can shove said pie.  Unbeknownst to Joanna, Dash is hurrying off to the drop zone as designated by his blackmailer. Still haunted by the “ghost” of Killian, Dash agrees to pay his blackmailer fifty thousand dollars, but as you can imagine, this little withdrawal ends up being the first in Dash’s new ATM status. Towards the end of the show, while Dash is still pondering the brain mapping similarities he shares with Ingrid, he gets another call from Mr. Blackmailer. This triggers more rage in Dash than he can control and I suspect, flips the switch to Dash understanding his powers.

Let’s check in with Wendy for a bit. Last week she had several flirty encounters with Hot EMT Guy.  This week Wendy, in black cat form, decides to check out his home life. It appears Hot EMT Guy has a wife and kid. Wendy is not impressed and has no time for a cheater. When she sees Hot EMT Guy at the picnic, she is not coy at all when she calls him out on his deceptive, possibly cheating ways. We learn Hot EMT Guy’s name is Tommy and yes, he has a daughter and a soon to be ex-wife.  Wendy cools her jets and agrees to coffee with Tommy when he reminds her she should take a chance because you only live once. (The irony of course being, black cat Wendy is down to her last life, so Tommy’s words ring truer than he could possibly imagine.)

Ingrid reports to her new job researching the occult for a cagey Dr. Foster at the library. He lets her know that her hiring was not his idea and he doesn’t think she’s cut out for such a serious job. He is not happy about her employment status, and tells her in no uncertain terms that he doesn’t trust her. All the while, someone is obviously spying on Ingrid at the library and hears Dr. Foster’s angry words. It should come as no surprise that Dr. Foster is grabbed by a mysterious shadow at the town picnic and is later found dead with a satanic symbol carved on his chest. If you are keeping count, that makes two dead carved up guys spouting ominous words of warning before meeting their demise.

Frederick agrees to help Freya find her lost love, Killian. Together they discover the island resort where Killian is currently holed up. Freya is unable to actually see Killian during this spell because Owl Girl shields him from her view. Owl Girl, Eva, is very possessive of Killian. After Killian’s magical powers surface during a high stakes poker game with some shady fellas who don’t like a newcomer taking all of their money, Eva tells Killian she can help him figure out if he is the “brujo” the gamblers accused him of being. Eva shares that her family tree is heavy with Santeria practitioners. When, during Eva’s Santeria ritual, Killian discovers he has magical powers, he embraces Eva and tells her he is happy and she is the best thing that’s ever happened to him — thus leading to hot sex while he’s cover in chicken blood. Obviously the blow to the head and subsequent near-death experience wiped out all memory of soul mate Freya. Freya is going to have some work cut out for her when she finally finds Killian; I’m pretty sure Owl Girl Eva isn’t going to let him go without a good fight.

Next week’s previews tease us with Killian introducing Freya to his wife Eva, and Dash embracing his powers. We also got a quick glimpse of a badly beaten Victor, the girls’ Dad who was off in the Amazon looking for a cure for Joanna, hanging by his bound hands in what appears to be a warehouse. I can’t wait to see how he ended up there.


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