WWND – What Would Nora Do? + Giveaway!

WWND – What Would Nora Do?  + Giveaway!
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As I review various proposals, queries, submissions, I am reading for the reader — I want to make sure What we are publishing is what most readers are looking for. So, how do you do that . . . what benchmark can or should one use, to make sure you are appealing to the vast array of romance readers? Is there an author that has that grasp of romance readers interest that would be a good guideline . . . benchmark to base a book & its potential to be published? Jeez, what romance author has written over 100’s of books, sold millions of copies, & has grown book to book to book in popularity thus building her audience . . .is there an author such has that, who has captured the industry & romance reader’s pocket book?

Dahhhhhhhhhhhh, WWND! Yes, there is! Multi time Rita Winner, Nora Roberts!

Hmm, that might work . . . so, WWND?

  • Characters are #1 – flushed out so the reader is endeared to them by page 2 (or somewhere shortly after, but definitely before chapter 3)
  • Storyline moves – great pacing that draws you thru the book
  • At the end of each chapter, she grabs you . . . clinches you, so you have to stay up until 2:00 a.m. to finish the darn book!
  • A knack for knowing what the reader wants – marketing savvy that bars none – when paranormal is hot, Nora delivers; when contemporary is back on track, the Bride Quartet hits the stores
  • Emotion is key. It is not only a part of the story, it becomes the story. Readers are submerged into a romance fiction story that tugs on the heart strings & won’t let you go.
  • Sex is sweet . . . not raunchy, but meaningful & is delivered when the characters are ready . . . NEVER forced
  • Stories that are timeless . . readers can read some of her older books today & still enjoy the books with nary a bump in the storytelling (some of the earlier books may have phone booths that may throw you off, but you get right back on track )
  • Although this might not be a bad idea, I really don’t use Nora as a benchmark, may not be a bad idea thought

    For discussion — when you read a romance book, what is your benchmark? Your values? A certain type of hero? Heroine? Plot? Sub-genre? What makes you read the books you do?

    Remember — 5 winners randomly chosen every week for a FREE book — Announced on Sundays – good luck!!

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