You’ve Got to Have Friends – Sylvia Day + Giveaway!!

You’ve Got to Have Friends – Sylvia Day + Giveaway!!
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You’ve Got to Have Friends – Sylvia Day – A TOUCH OF CRIMSON + Giveaway

Relationships are what romance novels are all about. Boy meets girl, boy woos and wins girl (or she manages to smack enough sense into him that he realizes he’s been caught), and they live happily ever after. We go along for the ride because watching the relationship develop is where the magic happens. Two people who are so alike they should hate each other or two people who are so opposite they should clash horribly somehow find that they’re the perfect half of each other.

But there’s magic to be found in the secondary relationships, too–siblings and parents, co-workers and acquaintances, and friends. Friendships are precious gifts to us all. Each one of my friends meets a special need in my life. I have friends I play with, friends I talk business with, friends who make me laugh, friends who hold me up when I need support, and friends who lean on me.

When I started writing A TOUCH OF CRIMSON, relationships were the primary focus in my mind. The Renegade Angels series is a trilogy in which the three heroes are also the three antagonists. How those relationship dynamics worked (and didn’t work) was pivotal to carrying the three-book story arc. But I’m one of those authors who write by the seat of her pants. I never really know where I’m going with a story until I get there. So while the first book was unfolding, and the characters grew and stretched, I was as startled by a particular friendship that developed as I was delighted–my heroine, Lindsay, became fast friends with the Alpha of the lycans, a man who was giving both the angels (who are led by Lindsay’s love) and the vampires (who are led by her father) quite a bit of trouble.

I didn’t see the relationship coming, but when I realized what was happening I was riveted by it. Lindsay is an exuberant, outgoing, confident woman. Elijah is a stoic, taciturn, cautious man. They couldn’t be more different and yet the connection between them is fierce and important to both of them. Like all friendships, each one fills a need in the other’s life and through their friendship we get to glimpse facets of each character that wouldn’t be apparent otherwise. It’s been a joy to read the numerous reviews that talk about the friendship between Lindsay and Elijah, and to see that readers found a connection to him through her, a man who might’ve seemed distant and unapproachable otherwise.

At the end of Star Trek (2009) Spock tells his younger self why he arranged for Young Spock and Young Kirk to spend time together, even though they detested each other: “I could not deprive you of the revelation of all that you could accomplish together, of a friendship that will define you both in ways you cannot yet realize.” That’s what friendship does–it helps to shape and define who we are. It’s a powerful relationship nearly as precious as true love and it’s a vital part of everyone’s story, even our fictional characters’.

Some of my favorite fictional friendships are: Benson and Stabler (L&O: SVU), Dallas and Peabody (In Death), Dallas and Mavis (In Death), Lucy and Ethel (I Love Lucy), Spock and Kirk (Star Trek), Kirk and Bones (Star Trek), Sam and Frodo (Lord of the Rings).

What are some of your favorite fictional friendships? I have 2 ARCs of A TOUCH OF CRIMSON to give away today. Winners will be announced within the comments tonight – Thanks for spending time with me!


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