You Can’t Choose Your Family

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Maggie McGinnisAs I was driving around this weekend, I came across three separate weddings in three separate towns. One wedding party was arranged artfully by a lake, getting pictures taken. One bride and groom were just coming out of a church, ducking bubbles and practically skipping. The weather was sunny but not too hot, the sky was the bluest of blues, and I was tempted to stop my car and get out my camera both times, just to capture the happy, hopeful scenes.

However, the third wedding caught my heartstrings in the most powerful way. As I slowed down in front of a tiny church, only two people were in sight on the steps: the bride … and her dad. I don’t know what he was saying to her as he hooked a string of pearls around her neck and then kissed her forehead, but as his thumbs wiped tears from her cheeks, I so wanted to know their story. Those pearls … those tears … that overwhelming emotion.

Weddings are all about the bride and groom, sure. But I have to say, I’m way more intrigued by the families that molded them, guided them, surrounded or wounded them on their way to this monumental step, and that’s why I like my own books to be filled with those big, messy families – the good ones, the not-so-good ones, and sometimes, the ones you would never invite TO the wedding.Maggie McGinnis

I’m currently putting the finishing touches on A Cowboy’s Christmas Promise, and once again, I’ve completely fallen in love with the Whisper Creek family. (Of course, I’ve also fallen in love with my hero, because hello. Cowboy + vet + adoring single dad = well, YUM!! In this book, some of my favorite characters from Accidental Cowgirl reappear, and a whole host of new ones come on the scene as well. There are supportive family members, wacky family members, and one truly evil-icious one that I learned to love to hate.

Besides “real” families, though, one of my favorite themes to explore is the role of friends as family, and this book captures some of those relationships as well. Once again, my triumvirate of Boston gals heads to Whisper Creek, Montana, and once again, love finds one of them. This time, they have a few less disasters along the way, but the journey toward happily-ever-after is just as hard … and just as well-deserved in the end.

So this November, I hope you’ll join me once again at Whisper Creek … where dreams you didn’t even know you had really do come true!

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