You-Never-Know Day Also Known As National Waffle Iron Day

I’m a big fan of unique holidays, especially if they can be celebrated with cupcakes. Then again, any holiday is a call for cupcakes, right? Unfortunately for my hips, any day can also BE a holiday. June alone has National Doughnut Day (the 6th), National Splurge Day (the 18th), and Blame Someone Else Day (the 13th). I think I might have to celebrate all of them.

My favorite holiday of all time, though, is one I don’t see on any official list. It was invented by Hank Phillippi Ryan (yes, she of Emmy, Agatha, and Macavity fame), and is so sweet it might give you a cavity.

Ms. Ryan and her husband decided that although wedding anniversaries are certainly important, the day they like to mark is the anniversary of the day before they met. Why the day BEFORE they met, rather than the day they DID meet? The name they gave their holiday says it all: You-Never-Know Day.

I love the romance of it, the possibility of it, the uniqueness of it. When I start typing page one of every romance novel I write, it really is You-Never-Know Day for my characters, and there’s such beautiful energy in that not knowing.


Unfortunately, my own You-Never-Know Day doesn’t come around until October, so I’m going to need some filler-holidays. Today is National Waffle Iron Day. There’s gotta be a cupcake flavor for that, right?

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