Your favorite sub-genre in Romance + Giveaway!

Your favorite sub-genre in Romance + Giveaway!
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When Sue asked me to guest post I was super excited to help with the launch of the site, the Loveswept line, and to get the chance to chat with all of you. When Sue asked me to talk about my favorite sub-genre I clammed up. Egads! I have to pick one?! So I went with the one sub-genre I couldn’t live without: Romance.

Now, before you call me crazy hear me out. The vast majority of books have some kind of love story wrapped up in them regardless of the genre. Until a year ago or so, I only read urban fantasy and romance. I was afraid to branch out into other genres. I wanted that love story, I wanted the possibility of a happily ever after. I was afraid that none of the other genres would offer it, but I’m happy to say I was wrong.

Let’s take the Mystery genre for example. JD Robb is probably one of the most prolific crime and mystery writers out there, with one of the most beautiful love stories to go along with it. I’m still making my way through the In Death Series, but who doesn’t love Eve and Rourke? They have weathered so much together and fight for their relationship day in and day out. What’s not to love about that? Even Dan Brown, another best seller throws some romance into his books. Sure Robert Langdon has a new love interest in each book, but who doesn’t love the sexual tension mixed up with the mystery?

Moving onto Fantasy. We had an entire month devoted to fantasy romance, featuring our favorite authors who have taken a chance and blended epic fantasy with epic love stories. Anya Bast, Anne Bishop, Pati Nagle, Patricia Briggs, and CL Wilson are just a few of our favorites who have created amazing fantastical worlds with all the elements we love in the fantasy genre with a romantic twist.

Then there is Science Fiction, a genre that is slowly accepting more and more female authors, and adding more romance to the stories. Gini Koch, Linnea Sinclair and Sherrilyn Kenyon have stormed through the genre and added strong romantic elements to their stories. With the recent steampunk craze, even more romance undertones have come out. Meljean Brook, Gail Carringer, Katie MacAlister and others are blending the unique world of steampunk with love stories.

Even great general fiction authors like to add romantic relationships to their books. Nicholas Sparks writes beautiful relationships that rarely ever get their happily ever after, but tell a beautiful story of falling in love.

For me, the romance in ANY book, regardless of the genre is what pulls me in. Watching two people fall in love, whether it’s during a murder investigation, on a journey through uncharted lands, in space, or while dealing with life in general, the relationship is what makes the book special.

What about you? Do you think I’m crazy for calling romance a sub-genre? What’s your favorite?
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