Your new author crush – Pierce Brown, author of RED RISING

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Image credit: Buzzfeed

RED RISINGThe accolades keep coming in for debut author Pierce Brown‘s RED RISING, one of the must reads of 2014. The book, released last week on January 28 (the author’s 26th birthday!), keeps building buzz: it received an A- from Entertainment Weekly, and drew comparisons to powerhouses such as The Hunger Games, Game of Thrones, Ender’s Game and more. And Universal just won a heated auction for the screen rights to the movie adaptation, which will be directed by Marc Foster (World War Z), with the screenplay written by Pierce.

The hype is warranted by a story on a epic scale. RED RISING‘s hero, 16-year-old Darrow, is a member of the Reds, a caste of people whose mission is to gather resources to make the surface of Mars habitable for future generations. He’s prideful of the work that he, his wife, and his people are doing, knowing that it’s building a better world. The illusion is shattered when it’s discovered that the Golds, the highest caste, created a stable environment on Mars’ surface generations ago, continuing to exploit the Reds to feed a lavish lifestyle.  Driven by a need for justice, Darrow sacrifices everything to take down the upper echelons of society, including becoming the enemy himself.

It’s hard to read RED RISING without thinking of the author and his influences in building such an intricate world and strong characters. Want to know more about him? Pierce is featured in this insightful Buzzfeed profile by Erin La Rosa–who sees some of the book’s hero in Pierce…


And there is something undeniably familiar about the character of Darrow, and that idea of reaching incredible success, that seems to relate entirely to Brown. Like Darrow, Brown is drawn to people who are underrepresented, or outcast. He says he wrote the book specifically so that “people will find strength when reading the book — the kid who doesn’t want to go out, the kid who’s not social, it would be nice to give him something to motivate him. I was inspired by Enders Game as a kid, and The Once and Future King. All those things motivated me.”

Sounds like a very Darrow-like sentiment to me. Check out the full Buzzfeed piece, give RED RISING a read, and see if you agree!

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