Zombies and Witches and Romance, Oh My!

Zombies and Witches and Romance, Oh My!

This Halloween, we wanted to recommend some of our favorite spooky love stories featuring everything from ghosts and ghouls, to various creatures of the night. Below, pick your favorite scary romance sub-genre, and we’ll have just the thing you’re looking for. Click on each cover to read an excerpt and learn more.

If you like GHOSTS, you’ll love:

Karen Robards, Stacia Kane, and Emily Colin.

If you like VAMPIRES, you’ll love:

Lara Adrian, J.K. Beck, or Michael Thomas Ford.

If you like WEREWOLVES, you’ll love:

Keri Arthur,Shawntelle Madison, and Kelly Meding.

If you like ZOMBIES, you’ll love:

Lia Habel, Paula Brandon, and Linnea Sinclair.

If you like WITCHES, you’ll love:

Kelley Armstrong, Juliet Dark, and H.P. Mallory.

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